adwoa — /äh-JWAH/



1. etymology: “born on Monday” in Akan.

someone who is determined and original, bursting with vitality and a zest for life.
Bold and resourceful, she enjoys taking risks and is often quick to assume the role of the leader.
headstrong and active.
the real thing.


The “Adwoa” person can also be the “Ajoa” person, the “Adjoa” person, or the “Adjwoa” person. The name itself presents versatility in spelling, but not in meaning. Our founder, Julian Addo, also named Adwoa, takes the meanings of Adwoa to a new level. Born in Monrovia, Liberia to an Ashanti father, and a Liberian Bassa mother, Addo embodies the Adwoa Beauty person in that her core beliefs and passion for inspiring change to embody the company’s versatility, transparency, compassion, and grassroots. After soon immigrating and taking a home in Staten Island, NY, and the world by storm, Addo soon went on to build the foundation of Adwoa Beauty on the values of none other than her own name: Adwoa. Like Addo, Adwoa Beauty™ was born from embodying the definitive Adwoa: passionate, original, devoted, the real thing.


Adwoa Beauty™ is the plant based, cruelty free, lifestyle brand, made for the modern natural; the ones with deep roots, forward vision, and no boundaries. Adwoa Beauty is made for you, no matter the boy, no matter the girl, and no matter the curl (and everyone in between!).  Like an Adwoa, we are passionate and devoted to culture, lifestyle, and beauty. Adwoa Beauty is  for the culture, by the culture.

We welcome you to the Adwoa Beauty culture.

You’ll love it here.

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