Styling using the Baomint Collection

Posted on August 03 2018

Styling using the Baomint Collection

One of the most common questions when it comes to people trying to really nail their natural hair care regimen, is how to define their curls when doing a wash and go. Which products do what, which one is right for me? Well, fortunately enough, the Baomint Collection has enough versatility to cater to all hair types from curly to curliest.

For those with type 2C curls, which is the hair texture with the very least amount of curl, it doesn’t really take too much hold to make the curls really stand out, so for this purpose, the Leave-in conditioner works as the perfect styler. Light enough to not weigh down the curls and make them look lifeless, but enough hold to keep the curls firmly in place. And that’s on top of the great moisture it provides.

Now, moving into the type 3’s. These mid sized ringlet curls may need may need a little more hold to really make pop. For your type 3A’s the curl defining cream and the leave-in together give the perfect combination of moisture and hold. The curl defining cream doesn’t have quite the same hold or weight as the gel but it does provide the hold that type 3’s may need to keep their curls in place throughout the days.

For types 3B + 3C however, the cream and leave-in may work just fine, but for those that may want a bit more hold the gel is the go-to.

Now when we start getting into type 4 hair, these need the most hold to make the curls defined. With type 4A curls the curl defining cream is still a great option, but for some the gel will truly give the best results if definition is the goal.

When it comes to type 4B + 4C however, these are the absolute curliest hair types on the spectrum and for the most part unanimously call for the curl defining gel to be used alongside the leave-in conditioner. The gel has enough hold to freeze the curls in place while the leave-in gives the moisture that any type 4 natural needs day to day.

So, If your hair has any kind of curl to it, there is definitely a product in the line to be used to achieve the wash n go results you need!

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