safely using adwoa beauty with kids!

Posted on July 26 2018

safely using adwoa beauty with kids!

taking care of young children can be challenging in an astounding amount of ways. no matter where you are on the journey, there’s always something new to learn, especially if the children you’re taking care of, are extremely young! here at adwoa beauty, we’ve received plenty of questions on how to take care of extremely young natural hair, and if our products are for kids. our products are only suitable for kids 2+, we’ve still come up with a guide for hair care for your young child! check it out below:



unfortunately, our baomint shampoo is a bit too strong for infant's hair from age zero to two. however, we do recommend to find a shampoo that is not too clarifying for a baby’s head, as natural oils and scalp tissue are more fragile in the first stages of life. therefore, we recommend you find a highly moisturizing shampoo for for an infant. for toddlers, however, our baomint shampoo is safe, and provides all the nutrients needed for healthy, moisturized curls. in addition, we recommend the moisture is key! therefore, leave ins, deep conditioners, and especially oils are extremely crucial to kickstart a healthy hair journey for young children.



we all remember having our hair styled when we were younger. in fact, we all probably remember it, because it was painful! in order to curb this experience for your small child, be sure to detangle and comb with a wide tooth comb or brush. this is important because hair follicles are the most fragile in the youngest stages of life. therefore, combing harshly isn’t justified, and should be remedied with soft strokes. also, this can be avoided by almost never combing young, kinky hair when it’s dry!



like we said, moisture is one of the most important things when it comes to taking care of young children’s hair. whatever amount of moisture you use for your own personal hair routine, make sure to triple that for a young child! kids secrete a bit more natural oils with their scalp than adults do. therefore, it’s important not to overdo it so much with them. however, with young children and older, oiling the scalp is crucial! it’s extremely easy for young children’s scalps to become dry, and should be remedied with necessary essential oils in order to avoid over-dryness. adwoa beauty’s baomint oil is a perfect product to use for over-dryness, because it not only moisturizes the scalp, but stimulates it as well, which is extremely important for young scalps. in addition, since young children usually have protective styles, it’s important to oil the hair and scalp regularly in order to avoid excessive dirt buildup, since young children are more active, and therefore accumulate dirt, sweat, and icky oils more.


the biggest tip when it comes to styling young hair, is to let young children explore their hair as they grow, so that they can become more familiar and acquainted with it! by the time they reach your age, they’ll be experts, and in love with their hair type!


do you have any tips that you use for your young child? let us know in the comments below!



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